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Check out this cool interview with Mike the lead singer and guitar player of Euphoria from the South Bay Guitar Show in Southern California filmed May 20, 2015 and hosted by Jim Osborne. Mike and Jim discuss musical influences, gear, the start of the South Bay scene in California prior to Hollywood and the Sunset Strip invasion of bands in the eighties. Mike plays a couple of acoustic songs and is joined by Jim as well. A retrospective of one of the most popular bands of the day. 

Euphoria live at the Fleetwood in Redondo Beach, California, featuring solo's from Jimmy on drums and Mike on guitar, showcasing crowd favorites "Rock Bottom" from UFO and "Alcohol" by Yesterday and Today along with a few original songs.

Assault performance at FM Station in North Hollywood, CA, Featuring Mike Rust on lead vocals/guitar, Ed Markellos-guitars, Dave Dejernett-bass guitar and Clay Guinaldo on Drums-playing "Blood or Money".
Assault live at Jezebels Night Club in Orange County, CA opening the night with "On the Rocks" - Mike Rust on lead vocals, Ed Markellos-guitar, Ted Ogley-guitar, Dave Dejernett-bass guitar and Clay Guinaldo on drums. A different format as a five piece band, that eventually returned back to the original four piece group with Mike on guitar and lead vocals after the departure of Ted.